What we do

Organising conferences in collaboration with various agencies.

Organising events celebrating Malaysian children’s authors and illustrators and highlighting children’s books from other countries, including an annual programme of events at the Kuala Lumpur Book Fair.

Promoting activity through Facebook and Youtube as it has proven to be a successful way of informing about various activities.

One of the tasks, which we consider to be very important, is to inform children’s literature from countries / cultures that are seldom or otherwise translated and published in Malay.

Participation in international Exhibitions and Book Festivals to showcase Malaysian children’s books.

Collaborates with many organisations on a wide variety of projects including those aimed at literacy, libraries and the promotion of Malaysian books for children and young people.

We engage in a number of activities at national and international level:

We offer a platform for noteworthy Malaysian children’s books through the IBBY Honour List of Books display at the biennial IBBY World Congresses. Our members’ choice of the best Malaysian books gives our writers, illustrators, translators and publishers international exposure.

Every year we nominate excellent Malaysian book and literacy projects for major international awards like the IBBY Asahi Reading Promotion Award and the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award.

Years of our activities