The Malaysian Board on Books for Young People (MBBY), together with Iran Cultural Centre, Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran is proud to present the inaugural Malaysia-Iran Children’s Festival to help promote art, literature and reading in our young people.
Join us for a wonderful weekend with international award-winning authors, illustrators and storytellers from Iran and Malaysia and take part in engaging, innovative and inspiring cultural activities such as follows:


  • Art Consultation (Saturday, 10 February 2018): One-on-one consultation with award-winning illustrators, designers and visual art awards jury (Hoda Hadadi, Kamal Tabatabaei, Ali Boozari, Sahar Tarhandeh) who will discuss with you to improve your portfolio and educate you on the professional aspects of illustration, design and visual art, and offer you tips and tricks of the profession and industry. Anyone who has an interest in illustration, design and visual art can book in advance and reserve your place at here or by calling Mdm Alimah Salam at 019-6296958. Free registration.
  • Seminar: How To Make Young People Love Stem (Saturday, 10 February 2018): Scientists and motivators demonstrate strategies that will help teachers and parents learn how to motivate young people to enjoy science, technology, engineering, and math, and highlight the relevance that STEM has on the lives of students and young people. This seminar is free and open to public especially teachers, parents and young people. Speakers: Prof Mahmoud Moghavvemi (UM); Assoc. Prof Dr. Ramzah Dambul (MOSTI); Muhammad Nazir bin Mohamed Khalid (UNISEL); Datin Smadiyah Ahmad (STEMSEL CLUB).
  • Children’s Book Seminar: Celebrating And Promoting Children’s Literature (Sunday, 11 February 2018): Speakers discuss and share their experience on strategies to encourage and promote books, reading and children’s literature and how to nurture skills and talents as well as works of literary and artistic excellence. This seminar is free and open to all. Speakers: Sahar Tarhandeh, Ali Boozari, Khadijah Hashim, Su Yian Quek.
  • Picture Book Workshop (Monday, 12 February 2018): Writers, illustrators or graphic artists who want to explore what it would be like to work on children’s picture books. This course is open to anyone interested in writing or publishing for children. Featuring prominent Iranian authors and illustrators, Hoda Hadadi and Kamal Tabatabaei. To register, go here or call Mdm Alimah Salam at 019-6296958. RM150 per person.


  • Storytelling, Crafts and Games by Universiti Selangor (UNISEL): This section comprises several parts. Big Book for Little Readers helps young ones make that important first step in learning to read: learning the letters of the alphabet, learning simple words and simple stories in a fun way. Enjoyable Craft that Rocks You will unleash your inner artist and create a mini masterpiece using rocks and pebbles. GSTEM Traditional Games test your skills in family-friendly physical and mental challenges. This interactive demonstration will let you experience with the amazing ways traditional games influences our leisure time, showcasing the science behind what and why we play. All these fun activities, coordinated by Dr Jamilah Mustaffa are open to children and adults.
  • Show Me A Story: Encouraging children to let their imagination run wild, this session offers inventive activities that will inspire kids ages 5 to 12 to express themselves through storytelling. National storyteller Shamsul Kamariah, Nor Azhar Ishak and Mohd Sharif Apen present several interesting, fun-filled interactive traditional and modern stories. Datin Rositti Aishah Rashidi, an environmental advocate uses poems, illustrations and short stories about animals such as orangutans, elephants and the green turtles to educate young people about the importance of sustainability, protecting the environment, and a beautifully rich eco-system. Open to children and adults.
  • Living Around Chemicals: Games, Kamishibai, Reading and Storytelling by the National Poison Centre, USM: Presenting storytelling using Kamishibai, video presentation and science games, this session highlight some basic facts about toxic substances. for your awareness in reducing your exposure to chemicals and to lower the chance of harmful health effects. Coordinated by Dr Maizurah Omar, this session is open to school children, teachers and parents.
  • Jawi Calligraphy, Craft, Book Conservation and Batik Making by National Library of Malaysia (PNM): This section offers interesting activities involving Jawi calligraphy, crafts, book conservation and batik making for children and adults. Join us to experience how to write the Jawi scripts, preserve books and create a simple batik on cotton using the canting. These direct and hands-on experience will give you a greater love for books and understanding of the waxing and dyeing process in batik making.
  • Healthy Foods for Healthy Kids by Mohana Gill: Madam Mohana Gill, Best of the Best World Gourmand Award winner presents an interactive cooking and storytelling session to teach children (and their parents and teachers) the science of healthy eating and how to prepare and present healthy food.
  • Magical Augmented Reality Books by Perbadanan Kota Buku: Discover the magical world of contents through Augmented Reality Books that bring the story to life – directly on top of the pages of the book. To have books that contains the elements of Augmented Reality to supplement the text is an innovative way to target readers especially those that do not enjoy much in reading